Top 10 Share and Stock Market Training Providers in India

The market is a platform where the shares and stocks get exchanged. The Market may be the corporeal or simulated entity. The value, price, and cost are depending upon the demand and supply in the Market. The Stock Exchange is the place where stocks in the market are traded. The Stock exchanges may be physical or virtual. The exchanges in the Market are under the control of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). SEBI is the regulator of the Market. The major role of SEBI is to safeguard the welfares of capitalizers insecurities in addition to endorse the growth of, and to control the securities market.

Timing of Markets:

Market Timing
Equity Market 09:15 hrs – 15.30 hrs
Commodity Market 10.00 hrs  –  17.00 hrs


18.00 hrs –  24.00 hrs

Currency Market 18.0   hrs – 24.00 hrs


Types of Market:


  • Equity

Equity markets are the meeting point of stocks buyers and sellers. The stocks that traded in the Equity Market may be public stocks which are listed on the Stock exchanges. The equity stocks also are private stocks which are often traded through dealers. Enterprises sell the stocks to get the capital to develop their business. When an enterprise offers stocks in the market, it means the enterprise is openly traded, and every stock signifies a portion of possession. This plea to capitalizers, and while an enterprise does well. Its’ capitalizers are remunerated as the worth of their stock increase. The menace emerges while an enterprise is not performing well, and its’ stock price may drop. The Stocks can be purchased and ended simply and rapidly, and the action adjacent an assured stock influences its price.

  • Commodity

Here the trades in primary financial segment quite than produced merchandises. The Commodity is of Soft and Hard Commodities. Soft commodities are farmed goods such as wheat, sugar and so on. Hard commodities are quarried such as crude oil and gold, copper, natural gas, Aluminium, and silver. The whole trading is carried out with purely financial transactions. In commodities, the trading will be physical or derivative. The derivative trading and physical trading were using the spot prices, future, and options.

A financial derivative is a financial gadget whose worth is resulting from a commodity. Such Derivatives are future contracts, Swaps, Exchange-traded Commodities (ETC). Here if the capitalizers have the minimum capital to buy a stock using future contract he or she can buy the stock and can earn profit through it. Another benefit is an option in future is there. Using the options one can make the profit either your stock price will increase or decrease.

  • Currency

Here the trading is done by using currencies. The market in which the exchange is done on various currencies. The trader can buy and sell the currencies and the currency trading is done by central banks and some other banks, financial enterprises and capitalizers. The currency market is the largest commercial market in the world. Here the trillions of dollars of the transaction are done every day.

The Forex Market is invented by banks, central bank and financial enterprises, forex brokers, and capitalizers. The currency market always connects over the banks, traders, and brokers together. When the market is in free fall make use of short selling and make your currency as profit.

Knowledge Providers:

Want to be the best trader in the Market and want to make more profit? Some of the knowledge providers are here:

  • Trading Secret.
  • Rupee Desk.
  • Bright Ventures Academy.
  • Fedu Academy.
  • Dhanashri Academy.
  • Tips To Trade.
  • Share Market Made Easy Institute.
  • PathFinders Traders Trainings.
  • Dalal Street Academy

Get the best knowledge and the entire vision of Stock Market from                           these Knowledge Providers.

  • Trading Secret

Trading Secret provides the Courses, Classes, and Training on Share and Stock Market. These Share Market Courses in Mumbai provides the clear vision and the entire knowledge about the share and stock market. These help you to become the best trader in the Share and Stock Market and make you as an independent decision maker. They provide more tips on every aspect of trading. The Courses, Training and classes are conducted in various locations.


  • Training in Chennai.
  • Training in Mumbai.
  • Training in Delhi.


  • Training in Chennai.


The Share Market Classes in Chennai helps to get knowledge about the trading system discipline and about the Share and Stock Market. Initially, it let you learn about the philosophy behind the share and stock market trading. After these, the expert coach provides you the trading tips and more trading schemes to become the best trader.


  • Training in Mumbai

Share Market Courses and Training conducted in Mumbai by the experts upgrade your current level to expert level. Share Market Training in Mumbai helps you to learn the business tricks that are followed by the worlds’ best traders. This training let you learn more aspects of trading.


  • Training in Delhi

The Stock Market Courses in Delhi is to learn the upgraded trading secrets. Here you can learn the skills that required to trading as well in the stock market under the guidance of experts. Institutes in Delhi make you as well trained in the Stock Market.


Contact: +91 78450 52500.



  • Rupee Desk

Rupee Desk has provides the investing advise to the capitalizers. Rupee Desk helps to make the capitalizers’ wealth as good. They give the advisory to pick the right stock and help the capitalizers to make maximum profit from the market through trading. The services provided by rupee desk helps the capitalizers in trading a lot. Here the capitalizers can get good guidance in trading.


Contact: +91 9094047040



  • Bright Ventures Academy


The Bright Venture Academy is providing training to improve the stock trading knowledge. Here the training is conducted by fixing the time and their goal is to make the capitalizers to gain more in capitalizers’ trading. The commodity tips are also provided here along with tips the suggestions also provided by Bright ventures Academy to the capitalizers.


Contact: 09884888824.




EQSIS Capital Market Research Enterprise provides the efficient solutions to its recipients who have more desire. They provide the knowledge in the equity market and they also help their client in taking trading decisions in the emerging Market. The three full-day classroom training is conducted and 30 days online activity is conducted by EQSIS.


Contact: +91-9500077790.


  • Fedu Academy

Fedu Academy provides the DVD Courses. You can learn trading courses from home by watching DVD. Here the experienced instructor instructs and guides you to trade and investing in the stock market. The advanced and premium technical analysis software is provided entirely free for one year. After getting the software you can practice trading in the stock market and after learning you can start trading with confidence.


Contact: +91 44 2848 2224.


  • Dhanashri Academy

The courses conducted in Dhanashri Academy helps to predict stock movements. They provide courses on Market Mantra, Secret Intra Day, Commodity Means Money and more. The courses give the information about the intra-day trading and short term trading also.

Website :

Contact : 07045654722.


  • Tips To Trade

They offer three basic Courses such as Technical Analysis, Stock/ Share Course, and Commodity Trading Course. They offer robust and seamless personal training on stock market trading and commodity market trading. The course fees are modest and everybody can undergo these training and learn more.


Contact: 09769870994.


  • Share Market Made Easy Institute

Here we can learn the way of investment and how to maintain the portfolio of us. And also we can learn to trade in Intra-Day and Swing trading with the help of technical analysis. We can get trading tips and better guidance of trainers to trade in Stock Market.


Contact: +91 9323193344.


  • PathFinders Traders Trainings

The online live trading is done to show trading. The free training and paid training are available here. The training about Intraday, Options and Commodity-Forex trading is conducted. The seminar conducted about trading in various locations.


Contact:  9022330009


  • Dalal Street Academy

Dalal Street Academy provides the Online Stock Market courses on trading & settlement, Equity Market Structure. The training conducted on various derivative and commodity trading. They also declare the benefits of investing in Share Market, Portfolio Management, Technical Analysis, Mutual Fund and so on.


Contact: 02030242014.