Top 10 Share and Stock Trading Knowledge Providers

Trading is the prodigious system to create your own revenue in the share and stock market.  The share and stock trading is simple while you have brief understanding about the market.  There are many financial segments in the market. To be as the best trader in the market you should be aware about the entire market and their movements instantly.  Most of the capitalizers losses their assets in the market without the clear trading knowledge and lacking of the trading tactics. To make your trading as best in the market find a best trading knowledge provider who let you to understand the financial markets and the strategies in trading briefly. Here are the Top 10 trading Knowledge providers who assist you to learn all the trading categories and tactics and afford you the best trading practice.

Top 10 Trading Knowledge Providers:

  • Trading Secret.
  • EQSIS.
  • Tips To Trade.
  • Rupee Desk.
  • Fedu Academy.
  • Bright Ventures Academy.
  • Dalal Street Academy.
  • PathFinders traders Trainings.
  • Share Market Made Easy Institute.
  • Dhanashri Academy.


  • Trading Secret


Trading Secret is the best trading knowledge provider. It provides various Share and Stock market Courses and trainings in various locations. The trading experts are the trainers who let you to understand the market entirely and they provide their advice that helps you to take the decision in the market individually. They organize the trainings, classes and courses in different locations.

  1. Training in Chennai.
  2. Training in Mumbai.
  3. Training in Delhi.

1. Training in Chennai.

The trading secret organises the classes which let you to acquire the entire share trading knowledge and also let you to aware about the trading disciplines. Primarily, these classes make you to acquire the aspect beneath the share trading and stock trading. Later, the trading professional and trainer affords you the share trading guidelines and additional trading patterns to turn into the best trader in the market.

2. Training in Mumbai.

Trading Secret organizes the Share Market Courses in Mumbai by the trading experts which helps you to upgrade your trading knowledge yourself. The training that organized in Mumbai assists you to acquire the best business ideas that were instantly utilized by the best traders in the market. This training makes you to understand all the financial segment and provides trading ideas to make your trading as fruitful one in the market.

3. Training in Delhi.

Trading experts in the Trading Secret organizes the courses in Delhi which affords the progressed aspects of stock trading. You will get the expertise that needed for the best trading in the stock market with the trading experts’ guidance. The Trading Secret is one of the leading Stock Market Institute in Delhi which will assist you to understand the entire stock market and its movements thoroughly.

Contact: +91 78450 52500.



 It affords the effective results to its inheritors who have additional aspiration. This EQSIS Capital Market Research Firm provides the awareness of about equity market along with this it assist their customer in taking trading choices in the incipient Market. The lecture hall training is organized for three days and 1 month online exploit is organized by the EQSIS.

Contact: +91-9500077790.


  • Tips To Trade

Tips to Trade provide specialized training and they educate the learners about technical analysis and also make them to take the decision individually. They provide the course on basic technical analysis and consistent training on trading and on money management. These courses and training helps you to enhance your decision making capability.

Contact: 09769870994.


  • Rupee Desk

 It has offers the references for capitalizing in the market. It assists to create the investors’ treasure as noble. The Rubee Desk provides the review to select the exact stock and assist the investors to create extreme profit in the share and stock market trading. The amenities provided here assist the investors in trading as much. From Rupee Desk the investors will acquire good trading guidance.

Contact: +91 9094047040


  • Fedu Academy

This academy offers the Courses in DVD. You will acquire trading ideas through these DVD courses from the home itself. The proficient coach helps you to trade and capitalizing in the market. The progressive and best technical analysis ideas were offered to the learners. With these technical analysis ideas, you will perform trading in the market and after getting knowledge you can initiate trading confidently.

Contact: +91 44 2848 2224.


  • Bright Ventures Academy

This academy is offering training to enhance the trading awareness. The training is organized here by setting the while and their objective is to create the investors to acquire more in investors’ trading. The trading advices are also offered by this academy along with advices the recommendations are also offered to the capitalizers.

Contact: 09884888824.


  • Dalal Street Academy

This Academy offers the Stock Market courses through online on trading, Equity Market Edifice. The training organized on several derivatives and other trading. It also states the advantages of capitalizing in the Market and Portfolio Management and so on.

Contact: 02030242014.


  • PathFinders traders Trainings

The live trading over online is complete to exhibit trading. The training and rewarded training are obtainable in PathFinders. For day trading, Options and Forex trading various training were organized. The trading seminars also conducted in different locations.

Contact:  9022330009.


  • Share Market Made Easy Institute

In this Institute you will acquire the method of capitalizing and learn the way to uphold your portfolio. Besides you will learn the Intraday trading and Swing trading by means of the technical analysis. You will acquire trading ideas and best trainers’ advice to trade in the Market.

Contact: +91 9323193344.


  • Dhanashri Academy

The courses organized in this academy assists to find the market activities. They provide the Equity, Derivatives courses and some other courses.  In this academy you will learn to create profit in the market in bullish and also in bearish market. They also organize training academies to provide advice to the primary traders or fresh learners of the market trading.

Contact: 07045654722.