Overcoming GRE Preparation Hurdles with GREedge

GREedge Admission Counseling Reviews

It’s hard for me to conclude my experience with GREedge in a couple of words. It wasn’t for a brief 2 to 4-month duration, but a year-long journey!

I had very good SFAs for both Verbal and Quant. So good, that I never missed a single workshop provided by GREedge. I was taught really useful tips and tricks in order to great control over the time I was giving the exam. According to me, the key to cracking GRE lies in time management. These tips proved to be effective in terms of maximizing your efforts and minimizing the time required to do so.

I initiated my GRE preparation by attending the coaching classes of Princeton Review. I honestly felt like their quant syllabus was not up to the mark. I scored really high in their mock tests due to their relatively simpler questions. Eventually, I realized that these numbers are temporary; practicing rigorously to be in shape to crack challenging problems is what matters. Moreover, GREedge reviews were also great during by research on it. That’s when I switched to GREedge.

I was always good in Math. One could test me on 10th or 12th math problems even now and I would able to crack them. But with GREedge, I was introduced to the actual GRE-style problems and pushed me to work harder. This one of the things I liked about my preparation; being constantly made to challenge myself. I would especially like to thank my Quant SFA for motivating throughout my preparation. I was weaker in Verbal, compared to quant. I got a 5 point score boost in Verbal alone, simply by focussing on the mock tests provided by GREedge. I found that incredible. I needed a minimum of 145 in Verbal in order to get into Colorado School of Mines, and I was able to achieve that because of GREedge.

To conclude, I felt that being able to know my shortcomings and getting the right guidance to improve them was the best part of my GREedge experience.

Abhas Agarwal

Colorado School of Mines

GRE Score – 309

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