Best 2 certifications to knowledge and practice in English

Importance of English

English language is prominent to learn in every corner of the nation, even though many languages are spoken in all over the world, English plays a major part in our life. Since it is the common International language, in most of the country English is preferred as the language of their communication. If you are lagging in communication skill, you cannot have a career that will suit for your knowledge and talent, to have a suitable career learning English with the best Spoken English class is mandatory. Good communication is an important skill that will enable us to have a better understanding to the people around us. Also English is the language of the Internet, leading newspapers, many novels etc., to have knowledge in all these, English is the only language which will help you gain information from those things.

After the research made by our team to find out the best English speaking course in Mumbai, We found that EnglishLabs offering the service with quality training at affordable prices. We believe this information will help you to know importance of the two certifications.

.EnglishLabs started their service in the year 2012 and trained nearly 30000+ students who were learnt spoken English efficiently through the various courses at EnglishLabs. Also IELTS coaching class is available at EnglishLabs. They have their centre in Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, and Mumbai also at various major places of India. The curriculum of EnglishLabs is based on the practical usage of the English language. The syllabus and the exercises to the learners in spoken English class are designed according to today’s trends. EnglishLabs helps you to gain confidence to speak English with fluency. They make you to have a great success in your spoken skill. Innovative teaching methods from the experienced trainer will surely enhance the English speaking skills of the learners. English speaking classes in Mumbai helps you to gain confidence to speak English with fluency. The new integrated approach of them helps the students to have a better knowledge in basics of English language in an effective way. They are also focusing on a Grammar part to make students strong to speak English Elegantly.

Spoken English classes

At English labs, one can gain knowledge of the English language by pursuing two levels. The First level will be the basics of grammar in English and the second level will be the intermediate level of English language and finally the third level is about IELTS courses so that the student’s requirements will meet job opportunities in their career.

The first level course is for the person who does not have a basic knowledge in English language. At this level of training, students will get trained in theoretical basis than practically speaking in Spoken English classes in Mumbai. Once the usage of vocabulary is good, sentence framing and pronunciation will be trained to this level.

If you have a good written skill with proper pronunciation, but not well at spoken English with proper flow, second level training is preferred at EnglishLabs. This level of training will cover the rules in English language, finding the critical grammatical errors and finally you will be an expert in spoken English at the end of this course at EnglishLabs.


IELTS courses of EnglishLabs follow the international syllabus and pattern to train the students in four main components of English such as Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. This level training is for the person who wants to study or work in the environment where English is used as a language of their communication to attend the proficiency test with confidence.

After the long analysis done by considering the various Spoken English institutes, we found EnglishLabs is the best in quality training and cost. The above are the information about the course details of EnglishLabs, which will help you to analyze it and take up Best IELTS and English classes in Mumbai.